Burger house prides itself on quality of food

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An Ilkeston woman with a love for quality food and customer service has opened a burger house in the town centre.

Zee Sheldon has opened Patti House at the top of Bath Street.

The business was born from Zee’s desire to provide excellent service and good quality locally-sourced products.

She said: “Music and conversation are a big part of the customer experience.

“I want Patti House to play an active role in our community and we have in store a community board for local organisations.

“Where possible we use the suppliers on our doorstep to source our stock, packaging and services. I believe that by doing this we are not only supporting other local independent businesses but also ensuring the freshest possible product for the customer.

“Because the vision for Patti House is slightly different from a traditional burger house, I wanted to find a name that related to the product but wouldn’t necessarily conjure images of larger chains or traditional burger bars.

“Researching the product I came across the word ‘patty’ which is the main filling part of a burger.

“All the Pattis will be hand-made on site using only the best quality ingredients and each meal is cooked to order.

“The customer experience part of the business is very important to me.

“I want every individual customer to feel valued and happy.

“Service with a smile is a given and I am looking forward to meeting many new people as well as welcoming familiar faces.

More information can be found at pattihouse.co.uk