Cash keeps coming in for our campaign

Cash is continuing to come in for the ‘Tiser’s Pennies for Our Heroes appeal

Readers have been donating jars of coppers and loose change at Ilkeston Town Hall and the town’s Nationwide building society towards a tree the ‘Tiser plans to plant in memory of our fallen heroes. So far more than £250 has been raised.

Emma Kent, cashier at Ilkeston Town Hall, said: “The campaign had a really strong start but it’s tailed off a bit lately. It’d be great to get people back in and donating again.

“We’ve had loads of support and people really back the campaign.”

Cash dropped into the Nationwide is yet to be counted.

Laura Freeman, customer representative, said: “We’ve got jars and bags full of coppers and people keep bringing them in.

“We’re still collecting and will happily take more donations.”

Advertiser editor Martin Hutton said: “As the centenary celebrations edge closer it’s time to appeal to readers again to dig deep.

“We’re thrilled with how the campaign has been going but were still collecting so keep those jam jars coming.”

It will soon be time to start thinking about where our tree will be planted. Tell the ‘Tiser where you would like it to be. Contact details are below.