Centre stage on International Women’s Day

Friesland teacher Joanne Clarke and her students with seminar officials and guests.
Friesland teacher Joanne Clarke and her students with seminar officials and guests.

Girl pupils from Sandiacre’s Friesland School marked International Women’s Day by taking part in a seminar with the theme ‘Troubled and Troublesome Teenagers’.

Head of sociology, Joanne Clarke, was accompanied by Rebecca Liptrot, Lizzie Adamson and Rebeka Henshaw at the National Council of Young Women’s (NCYW) seventh annual Intergenerational Seminar at Nottingham High School.

Former Headteacher Barbara Maddison, was the driving force behind the seminar.

Lending their knowledge and expertise to proceedings were the special guests Janet Crowe (deputy director) and colleague Rebecca Nadin from the Prison Reform Trust.

One of the fascinating aspects of the seminar’s afternoon session was in a challenge made by the guests in which they divided those present into discussion groups or ‘Buzz Groups’ and gave them four true but anonymous case studies and in their roles of “judges” invited them to read through the evidence before giving verdicts, which were later compared to the original magistrates’ findings.

Joanne Clarke expressed her pride in contributions made by Friesland pupils, some of whom took to the stage to give their thoughts and feelings about relevant issues.

She said: “The girls’ intelligent and carefully thought out observations were given with confidence and sincerity.

“They were a credit to the Academy and showed real interest in the subject matter,”

Twenty representatives of NCYW’s Nottingham team who joined the students in their sessions said they “were impressed by the girls’s willingness to open their hearts”.”

Among those were Barbara Brooke, who is chairman of Stapleford Core Group, and one of the town’s leading lights. She said: “I was most impressed at the contributions made by Rebecca, Lizzie and Rebeka from Friesland School.