Council will take action if rules are not followed

Phone mast in Ilkeston
Phone mast in Ilkeston

Residents have accused mobile phone giant EE of ‘playing the game’ over a temporary phone mast that was erected without warning on their doorstep.

People living near the old Derby College site on Field Road are furious that planning rules mean the mast - which was only meant to be there for six months - could end up staying for two more while an application for a permanent mast goes through Erewash Borough Council.

A spokesman for the residents’ group, said: “As far as we’re concerned it’s no coincidence that the timing of this permanent application overlaps when they are meant to be taking the temporary mast away.

“It’s bad enough that anyone can just park one of these things up, and we are talking 20m high, and just leave it there for six months with no permission needed.

“But for them then to be given 28 days to move it and a further period of time to appeal.

“We’ve appealed it since it was put there and it has got us nowhere.

“Why can they do what they like but we have to live here looking out at this mast, worrying about the impact on our health and listening to the awful racket of a generator?”

The mast was erected when construction work began on the Morrisons supermarket being built at the former campus.

Residents of the tree-lined street have vowed to fight it all the way.

An application for a permanent mast was put in by EE on April 29.

They are asking for permission to errect a 20m high mast with three antenna and a satellite dish.

The mast will be surrounded by a 2.1m high fence and an equipment cabinet.

It is expected to be discussed at the next planning meeting, scheduled to take place on Wednesday July 2.

The spokesman added: “We don’t want this mast and will do all we can to stop it.”

EE did not provide a comment after being contacted by the Advertiser.

Steve Birkinshaw, head of planning and regeneration at Erewash Borough Council, said: “Due to the applicant’s errors in their planning application for a proposed replacement telecommunications mast it is not possible for it to be considered by a meeting of the council’s planning committee on June 4 2014.

“In any case, given that the permission for the current temporary phone mast will expire before that date, the council has asked the phone company what actions they intend to take to address this.

“Should the council not receive a satisfactory response, consideration will be given to taking further steps in accordance with the council’s adopted planning enforcement plan.”