Derbyshire police officers take to Twitter

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Residents in Shirebrook, Tibshelf and Pleasley can now keep up-to-date with police as their local Safer Neighbourhood teams take to Twitter.

Officers are using the social networking site to help them keep in touch with their local community online as well as out on the streets.

More than 50 Safer Neighbourhood policing teams across Derbyshire now have their own Twitter account, where they share details of daily patrols, operations they take part in and offer crime prevention advice. They will also make appeals for information about local crime.

In Shirebrook, PC Kat Newton-Jones, PCSO Matthew Liddy and PCSO Steve Cathcart will update their local Twitter Feed.

Over in Tibshelf, PC Lorna Evans, PCSO Stuart Swaby and PCSO Paul Brownlee are monitoring their local account and PC Garry Statham and PCSO Dave Hancock are keeping Pleasley residents up-to-date.

Inspector Frank Burns, who is in charge of policing in the Bolsover district area, said: “I think Twitter is a great medium through which our local policing teams can keep their communities informed about their work.

“It also allows that additional tool by which officers can engage with the residents, especially those who might not want to attend a police surgery or meeting, but would still like to know what their local officers are doing.”

They follow in the footsteps of Bolsover Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, who were the first in the Bolsover policing area to update a Twitter feed.

Since they started their account in November, the Bolsover Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team has achieved almost 200 followers.

Insp. Burns added: “The benefits for us are being able to send out short, timely, simple messages about crime and safety in the area, to respond to feedback and to also link in with other local groups using the site too.

“We’ve seen the Bolsover Safer Neighbourhood Team following grow, and I hope it will increase further. I would encourage people to take a look even if they’ve never been on the site before as it might be worthwhile.”

To follow the teams, visit the social networking site and search for @CreswellSNT, @ShirebrookSNT, @ClowneSNT, @PleasleySNT or @TibshelfSNT.

Derbyshire police launched its own Twitter site in 2009 and uses it to share news, appeals and information with more than 24,000 followers.

You can also follow all of Derbyshire’s neighbourhood officers on Twitter by subscribing to the Safer Neighbourhood Teams list on Twitter, or follow @DerbysPolice to receive tweets from across the county.