Dangerous driver crackdown launched

Kirk Hallam
Kirk Hallam

Mopeds will be seized if riders are caught breaking the rules of the road in a police crackdown in Kirk Hallam.

Local officers are on the lookout for moped riders who break the law by driving in dangerous or inconsiderate ways.

In recent weeks the Kirk Hallam and Hallam Fields Safer Neighbourhood Team have been made aware of riders carrying pillion passengers, performing wheelies, and riding on pavements, around car parks, on footpaths and bridleways.

Pc Louise Stevenson said officers would be keeping an eye out for moped riders to make sure they stick to the law.

She said: “We’ve seen an increase in the number of young people riding mopeds in the area and the majority of them are law abiding and considerate of others.

“However we have had reports of some riding mopeds carelessly or dangerously and we will be taking action against anyone caught doing so.

“The rules of the road are there for a reason and it is absolutely crucial that people obey them, to make sure themselves and other road users or pedestrians are not in danger.”

Police have the power to seize mopeds if the rider is considered to be using it dangerously and has had a previous warning.

Anyone who would like to let the team know about dangerous moped riders can call 101.