Job cuts fear for teachers

NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college
NILALC100713K1 - Bennerley business college

The teaching union representing staff at both Ormiston schools has raised concerns following news that they will merge.

Teachers at the Ormiston Enterprise Academy and the Ormiston Ilkeston Academy have been in touch with NASUWT after the educational trust’s proposals were revealed last week.

Branch secretary, Dave Wilkinson, said: “Obviously the main concerns of staff at both schools are that jobs will be cut as a result of the merger meaning redundancies as well as changes to pay, and terms and conditions of employment.

“Until Ormiston can tell us that this absolutely won’t happen strike action is a very real possibility.”

When asked by the Advertiser about staff’s concerns, a spokesman for Ormiston said: “Staffing structures are being reviewed and a full and open consultation with trade unions and staff will take place.

“We don’t know what the outcome will be until this consultation takes place.”

Staff at both sites are concerned they may be forced to re-interview for their jobs and falling pupil numbers and the two schools operating from the one site will mean reductions in the number of jobs available.

Mr Wilkinson added: “Over the past couple of years staff at both schools have been in discussions over taking industrial action and at Ilkeston School there were strikes in the run-up to the changeover to academy status so it’s clear that teachers will strike if they feel they have to.

“We’ve not had a great deal of information about this yet and that only adds to people’s concerns.”

Staff have also echoed the Bennerley governors’ feelings of betrayal after repeatedly being assured that both schools were safe.

Speaking on teachers’ behalf, the union official said: “Ormiston have gone back on all the promises they made to Ilkeston. I was in numerous meetings at both schools before and after they became academies and every time the question of the two schools eventually merging came up Ormiston held there hands up and said they had no plans to ever bring them together.

“They have a lot to do to regain people’s trust after that.”