ELECTION RESULTS VIDEO: Jessica Lee wins Erewash back for the Conservatives

JESSICA Lee has won Erewash for the Conservatives - taking back the seat for the first time in 13 years.

Liz Blackman had been MP for Erewash since 1997 but decided to stand down this year.

In her place will be the Conservative's Jessica Lee who won the seat with 18,805 votes.

She told Advertiser reporter Amy Hirst: "I feel priviliged, honoured, slightly overwhelmed. I mean it when I say I will do my best to serve everyone in Erewash, whether they voted for me or not."

Labour's candidate Cheryl Pidgeon came second with 16,304.

Other votes went to Liberal Democrat Martin Garnett (8,343), BNP candidate Mark Bailey (2,337), UKIP candidate Jodie Sutton (855), Green party member Lee Fletcher (534) and Independent candidate Luke Wilkins (464). There were 41 spoilt papers.

Labour candidate Cheryl Pidgeon said she was not disappointed at the result. She added: "We worked really hard in the run-up to this. We have to take on board what people have said. We shall be back fighting for Erewash in a few years time, hopefully with a different outcome."

And Liberal Democrat Martin Garnett candidate added: "I am pleased. It was in the region of what I wanted to achieve this time. The response has been brilliant. Three per cent gain is very good us."

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