Fifty years in the job for factory’s Frank

Frank Martin has worked at Cluny Lace in Ilkeston for over 50 years.

Frank Martin has worked at Cluny Lace in Ilkeston for over 50 years.

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A self-confessed ‘Jack of all trades’ has spoken to the ‘Tiser about working for Ilkeston’s Cluny Lace for half a century.

Frank Martin, 65, of The Brook, Mapperley, started at the firm when he left school and this week celbrates 50 years at the lace factory.

He said: “I came down when I’d finished school because I’d heard there was a job going and that was that really.”

Frank told how the factory changed the way it worked for a brief spell during his time there but then went back to its old methods.

He explained: “When I started we were using the old methods, in the middle we had a spell where I went and worked in the new section of the factory but after a while it all went back to the old way. The old machines are the best.”

The firm, on Belper Street, has been in the headlines in recent years after making some of the lace used on the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress and forming part of international design house Burberry’s spring/summer 2014 collection.

Asked if he plans to retire any time soon, Frank said: “I got married four years ago to Julie and we have our little girl Francine who is three, so I’ll not be going anywhere yet.

“I enjoy my job and want to carry on for a few years yet.”