Girls sent home from school in clash!

Sascha Smith-Allum, 14.
Sascha Smith-Allum, 14.

Claims have been made that a girl was sent home from lessons for refusing to remove a hair-band.

Sascha Smith-Allum, 14, was suspended from Kirk Hallam Community, Sports and Technology College, on Friday May 16, after she was asked to remove the accessory.

Kirk Hallam Community, Technology and Sports College.

Kirk Hallam Community, Technology and Sports College.

Her mum Danielle Smith, of Little Meadow Close, Ilkeston, said: “I couldn’t believe it when the school rang me.

“They said that Sascha was being sent home early because of this hair-band, I was shocked. She’d been asked to take it out but politely refused and asked why, as she has been wearing it for a while now.

“The next thing we knew she was being suspended.”

The pair were told that Sascha was disciplined for failing and refusing to follow instructions rather than wearing the actual hair band.

Danielle said: “I could understand maybe if it was the first time she’d worn it to school but it wasn’t.”

She claimed: “The head had even seen her wearing it on several occasions and not said anything but as soon as her teacher told him about it I was getting phone calls and the suspension was in place.”

When the Advertiser contacted Martin Ebbage, the school’s head teacher, he said that he cannot comment on individual cases.

He added: “If a pupil refuses to follow reasonable instruction from a member of my staff then I will back them 100 per cent.”

Sascha has not yet returned to school as Danielle said she is too distressed.

She said: “Sascha is a good kid, this to me seems ridiculous. At the end of a day this has all happened because of a hair-band.”