Ilkeston soldier’s son tells his story

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A filmmaker from Ilkeston has released a documentary about his father’s involvement In Britain’s ‘secret war’.

Tristan Ofield has offered a first look at his new documentary Operation Oman, in which he documents his own father’s return to Oman: the region in which he fought as a member of the British Army during the The Dhofar War.

Fought between 1969-75, the conflict was one of the bloodiest of Britain’s post-World War Two conflicts, but until now has remained a story largely untold.

As an officer in the British Army, Major Nick Ofield, who is from High Lane, Ilkeston, was amongst the first to volunteer to fight for the Sultan of Oman after a communist-led uprising threatened the stability of his country, and the safety of his people. During the bloody conflict, in which over 10,000 lives were lost, Ofield was integral to the outcome of several key skirmishes.

Returning to the region for the first time since the war, Nick was keen to see how the country had flourished following his and his fellow comrades’ efforts during the war. He said: “A part of me has always wanted to come back. It’s a time of my life that I look back when I felt really alive. It’s difficult to describe”.

His son, filmmaker Tristan, saw the journey as an ideal opportunity to both connect with his father, and tell a story that he felt the people of Britain needed to know.

The film has the backing of Sir Ranulph Fiennes.