Labour councillors quit party

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A father and son who both sit on Erewash Borough Council have resigned from the Labour party and become independent councillors.

Councillors John and Louis Booth announced they were leaving the Labour party at a meeting of the conservative ruled Erewash Borough Council on October 16.

Councillor Louise Booth who has been on the council for ten years, said: “Me and John decided we wouldn’t stand in the election next year because of family commitments.”

He claimed that certain members of the party wanted to ‘blacken his name’ leading him to make the decision to resign.

“I had to take issue with one or two members regularly plotting and scheming’, he said ‘there are a couple of people that seem to think that the idea of politics is that when you’re not attacking the Tories you attack your own members.

“If a close colleague needed to make a formal complaint about me because I refused to lie-well-I am proud to have kept my integrity after so many years in local politics-but-it is time for me to part company with the Labour members condoning poor investigation of a serious slur.

He added: “It feels like a death in the family. I am Labour through and through and believe in Labour’s cause but like all parties now and again it attracts people that put ambition first.”

Leader of the Labour group, Councillor Alex Phillips , was not available for comment at the time of going to press.