Letter: Don’t give scammers easy access

After reading your warning about scam charity collections in last week’s ‘Tiser, I wanted to write in and share my own advice about protecting yourself against identity fraud.

As you can imagine, I walk up and down many paths and drives in Erewash delivering my leaflets. More than once I have noticed letters, some containing private and confidential information, clearly visible in household recycling bags.

The information contained in these letters ranges from more readily available details, such as the householder’s names and addresses, to more personal information, such as bank account details and even National Insurance numbers.

An open recycling bag can be rich pickings for criminals looking to harvest personal information, and whilst I would encourage people to continue recycling as much as possible, we do need to be vigilant about what information we leave lying about.

If readers don’t have a shredder, I’d like to remind them to tear up or even burn letters, to stop their details falling into the wrong hands and becoming victims of identity fraud.

Maggie Throup

Erewash Conservative

Parliamentary candidate