Letter: Memories of the Miners’ strikes

1972 Derbyshire Miners Strike Demonstration 7
1972 Derbyshire Miners Strike Demonstration 7

Re the miners’ strike special in the Advertiser on March 20.

It was so good to read in the spread about the Miners’ Strike with my late wife, Esmé’s, comments on the strike. Not only did we do all the things you mentioned in the article but as well we gave lodgings for a while to Ray Ranford, a ‘flying picket’ from Abercrave near Swansea in South Wales. Although I only worked as an underground coalminer at New Denby and then Calverton for about eight years altogether in the 50s and 60s, when the strike began we both knew where our loyalties lay. Our son, Karl, was a student studying for a University of Nottingham degree at the Matlock College of Education at the time and went on the picket line with the miners a number of times. I am very proud of both of them! Karl and I hope to visit Ray and his wife this summer for a few days as we have kept in touch all this while although not meeting up again yet.

Granville Stone