Letter: Memories of the past


The other public house that was replaced at the time the Peacock was rebuilt was the Brick and Tile, now known as the Mallard in Ilkeston.
The old pub was nearer to Heanor Road and aligned facing towards Ilkeston with no car parking, but who had a car in those days?
Further towards Heanor on the left hand side on the brow of the hill was Shipley and Cotmanhay National School, built by the Squire Mundy of Shipley Hall in 1842.
I was a pupil there for about one month only, because the building suffered badly from mining subsidence, held together by steel rods and large plates and netting suspended from the ceilings to catch falling plaster.
During one morning assembly a large lump dropped and we were ordered to abandon school), we never entered again.
My greatest concern was for the very large taxidermy crocodile mounted in a glass case on the wall, I was reassured he would be all right (stupid boy).
We were all sent off to various schools. I went to Bennerley Junior (known as Bennerley Bucket Bangers) and then on to Granby....Then the War started (not my fault!).
How many more old Ilkestonians have their memories of the area? Would be nice to know.

Jack Hallam