Letter: Money would have saved town centre

Chalons Way Ilkeston
Chalons Way Ilkeston

I cannot hide my frustration and anger at the millions of pounds I feel have been wasted in this area while there has, in my opinion, been no investment made in our town centre.

First of all we have Chalons Way, a so-called bypass that actually cuts the town in half and comes to a standstill on a daily basis.

Would it not have been better to widen Furance Road and join Nottingham Road to the island at Cossall and Shilo Way, then onward to the A610, thus creating a bypass?

Then we have Millership Way. Mile for mile it is one of the most expensive roads in the country.

This multi-million project was supposed to alleviate the traffic on Station Road. I think not. It is as busy as ever.

This new road is of little use and seems to be just a shortcut for Awsworth residents to get to Tesco.

Now, in my view, we are throwing away millions on the new railway station, which I predict will hardly ever be used as the old one wasn’t when it was closed in the first place.

One of your readers suggests he could have a day out in Matlock. Does he realise that by the time he got to the station, then a train to Nottingham and changed trains to Derby, and changed again for Matlock, he would have to come straight back?

He would be better off on the Flyer bus to Derby and then take the train.

Councillor Chris Corbett says it will bring people to the shops. What shops?

We have few shoe shops, book shops, men’s clothing shops, furniture shops or electrical shops.

Who on earth is going to take a train to Ilkeston then travel a further mile up Station Road to come to a town full of charity shops and fast food outlets?

If a fraction of the money that has, in my opinion, been thrown away on these projects had been spent on the town itself and been used to preserve the great shopping place it was, then we would have something worth visiting.

Old Ilkestonian,

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