Letter: Time for public transport overhaul


The residents of West Hallam and Stanley will no doubt sympathise with those in Mapperley Village affected by the loss of their already minimalist bus service and the lack of communication from the county council. For we have been campaigning for five months over the loss of our evening buses (which were also used by some Mapperley residents to get home from work) with no success, despite collecting almost 1,000 signatures on petitions. However the same county council which claims that it is having to make cuts is supporting a revised service 59 from March 31, which will operate through Ilkeston to West Hallam just three minutes in front of the commercial Black Cat service. I understand it is also supporting new services in other parts of the county.

This is a blatant waste of council taxpayers money, in my view, and will undermine the only profitable bus route serving any of these villages. Meanwhile young workers are having to give up jobs and college courses, patients and relatives need cars to visit hospitals in the evenings or even to attend local GP evening surgeries and cultural and sporting activities are “off limits” to those without access to a car. It is time for an overhaul of public transport in Derbyshire which embraces better use of community transport resources and innovative private sector solutions such as taxibus services.

John Disney

West Hallam