Letter: We don’t all own cars

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In reference to the number 11 Notts+Derby bus which finishes after 7.30pm every evening.

We on Shipley View have also lost this service, not just West Hallam.

We also have issues with the buses we get, especially the double decker which, in my view, is filthy and breaks down at times and is not always on time.

Come on, it’s time something was done about the service we receive on these routes. As it said in the article, you can’t go out for a night out, if you work late you have no chance of getting a bus home.

The new bus to Derby could have taken on this route instead of competing with the Flyer.

Cotmanhay and Kirk Hallam have many buses going through their estates. Why do Shipley and West Hallam have to put up with this? We don’t all own cars on this route.

Mrs P.Philips,

Shipley View.