Letter: We want grit bins

Ilkeston snow pictures
Ilkeston snow pictures
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At a recent meeting at Matlock for emergency planning, once again I raised the importance of grit-bin provision to enable people to get to work, make sure people can receive care and medication, attend vital hospital appointments and keep everything working despite sub-zero temperatures.

To follow, a Local Area Committee meeting had a presentation by the Director of Public Health on improving health and tackling health inequalities at a locality level.

I make no apology for raising the concerns brought about by the lack of grit bins in our hilly Town of Ilkeston, after having fought for a few successes (of grit bins) for nearly a decade and we still need the council to agree to more.

So, if we are serious about managing potential hazards, preventing falls, broken bones and all the on-costs to our precious NHS, a simple measure that will help all round.

I look forward to their people talking to our people to remedy some of these things with a grit bin on all dangerous inclines and steep corners!

Cllr Michelle Booth