Letter: Wind turbine is too close to homes

New wind turbine near Ilkeston
New wind turbine near Ilkeston

As a resident of Hopewell Farm I am appalled at the monstrous wind turbine that was, in my view, hastily erected far too close to residential dwellings. It is not good enough that because the land on which it is sited comes under the jurisdiction of Broxtowe Borough Council and not the council to which local residents pay their taxes. Why has our local council not demonstrated sufficient protests against the imposition of this intimidating and hideous intrusion upon our landscape?

This wind turbine is specifically far too large to be sited close to residential dwellings and I intend pushing our MP to raise questions about it in the House of Commons. No indepth survey was ever conducted to ask local residents their opinions on this leviathan structure or concerns about safety and its effect upon house prices. Apart from these personal issues, the fact is that wind turbines are ineffective, expensive to purchase and erect and have a limited life span before needing repair or replacement. I hope to raise a petition against this crude edifice that now dominates the skyline and urge everyone in Cotmanhay to show their repugnance at this gigantic piece of industrial metal being erected without any consultation beforehand.

Mr. F. C. Bishop

Hopewell Farm