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Ilkeston’s Victoria Park is one of the best spaces in Ilkeston – it attracts people of all ages doing a variety of fun things all year round. It’s great to see the park host well supported events like the Summer Sounds and Mid-Summer Happenings.
So, congratulations is deserved to the council which has managed to secure Lottery funding to help transform this beautiful park into an even better leisure space for us all to continue enjoying.
That’s why the selfish people who think it’s okay to go and dig up some of the bowling green for their own purpose need reporting.
It is incredible to believe someone has actually gone and dug up a few yards of turf over a number of nights and taken it away with them... no doubt they wanted it as their own lawn.
So the council, instead of spending money on improving the park, has to spend money on just getting it back to how it was and then no doubt even more money on security.
This complete disregard for other people and lack of any decency should not be acceptable in any community and I hope somebody who knows them reports them to the police.
It is after all the people of Ilkeston’s park and it is therefore up to the people of Ilkeston who use this space and others like it to say NO! This is not acceptable.

Paul Shelton

Wharncliffe Road, Ilkeston.


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