More Ilkeston folk come forward with UFO sightings

Mor Ilkeston people have come forward claiming to have seen the UFO that has sparked national headlines.

Newspapers reported sightings of a UFO streaking towards a wind turbine in Lincolnshire, which was left mysteriously damaged on Janaury 8.

Two weeks ago Cotmanhay resident Janette Jeffreys claimed she saw the same yellowy-orange object. Now, two more people have come forward and reported similar sightings.

Although the man from Cotmanhay did not want to be named, he said he saw what looked like a "ball of fire" hovering in the sky on January 10, the same night as Mrs Jeffreys.

He said: "It seemed to stop and hover and then carry on, and it disappeared into a faint dot. She wasn't seeing things. My wife saw it as well."

A third person claims they saw the UFO twice – once on Christmas day in Cotmanhay and once in Kirk Hallam.

He said: "On Christmas Day I had the family round for lunch and at about 7pm my sister-in-law went outside for a smoke and shouted 'come and have a look at this, what do you think it is?'

"Then I saw it again the other night in Kirk Hallam. We all saw an orange ball hovering in the sky. It seemed to be over Beech Lane recreation ground. We stopped the car to watch it. It moved very fast upwards and disappeared."

A UFO was said to have hit the 290ft tall turbine in Lincolnshire tearing off one of the 65ft blades completely and leaving another twisted and mangled on Janaury 8. It sparked national interest.


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