Nursery’s grading is now ‘inadequate’

Nunurseries Day Nursery, Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton.

Nunurseries Day Nursery, Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton.

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A nursery has been given a rating of ‘inadequate’ by inspectors from a government watchdog.

Nunu Day Nursery in Long Easton, which was previously graded as ‘outstanding’ in April 2013, had its latest inspection by the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) in May with the findings published last week.

In a report the inspector raised concerns about the number of staff being too few for the number of children.

It stated: “The management of the nursery do not always ensure that there are sufficient staff for the number of children being cared for, to effectively meet their needs and the legal requirements.

“The key-person system does not appropriately meet children’s needs with regard to nappy changing.”

It also stated that the quality of teaching was ‘inadequate‘ with not all staff effectively interacting with children to promote learning and development.

The inspection found that the provider does not always meet the adult-to-child ratio requirements of an adult for every eight children.

Responding, a spokesman for the nursery said there was an action plan and there had been changes to ‘processes and staffing.

A statement said: “We are very disappointed with the grade and whilst we feel there were a number of contributory factors on the day of the inspection we always aim to provide excellent childcare every day in every nursery and we respect the decision of the inspector.

“There were some positive comments. However we take the overall report very seriously and have already put in place actions to address the points made within the report.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of the child care at our nurseries and in order to ensure that we meet the standards expected by parents and children we have made a number of changes both to processes and staffing at Long Eaton.

“This is a part of our Nursery Action Plan that follows receipt of an inspection report. We have been working with the new manager and have addressed all of the issues raised and feel confident that the outcome of our next inspection will show significant improvement.”

Positives pinpointed by the inspectors were that staff demonstrate a suitable understanding of child protection procedures and how torecord and report any concerns about a child in their care.

And that nursery staff share and gather appropriate information with parents and carers and external professionals and agencies, to enable them to work with children in a consistent way.

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