School refutes William Roache comments

9th December, Ken barlow (corrie) william roach Opening advent fair at michael house school, the field shipley

9th December, Ken barlow (corrie) william roach Opening advent fair at michael house school, the field shipley

A trustee of the Michael House Rudolf Steiner School has hit back at comments made by William Roache during his recent court trial.

Mr Roache was completely cleared by a jury of historic allegations during the case at Preston Crown Court where he denied all charges.

When he took to the stand, the Ilkeston-born Coronation Street actor spoke of his childhood.

He told the court that he developed an intrest in “sixth sense and mysticism” due to his early education at a Rudolph Steiner school.

He said that his grandfather had donated land to the school and speaking about Mr Steiner, he said: “He had an interesting philosophy about education, that school should be a place of fun.

“Handcrafts, dancing, painting, there was no discipline.”

But school trustee, Matt Gregory, told the Advertiser: “Mr Roache’s comments about the lack of discipline at Michael House school and it’s educational philosophy were inaccurate today.

“There is a common misunderstanding that a Steiner education is less academic than the model used in State schools but this is wholly untrue.

“A Steiner education is designed to provide a complete education which allows pupils to become creative, responsible and confident adults who are more than equipped to face the many challenges of life.

“The curriculum is broad-based, inclusive and holistic, developing the ‘head, hand and heart’ and gives very balanced attention and opportunity for growth in all these areas.

“Mr Roache’s comments in no way reflect the way that pupils at Michael House learn empathy, personal and social responsibility and self discipline.

“Michael House delivers young adults who are confident, respectful and academically adept.”

He addded that recent OFSTED reports backed up his claims.




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