Man lucky to escape blaze at his home

NILALM110713D2 - Eyre's Garden Ilkeston house fire
NILALM110713D2 - Eyre's Garden Ilkeston house fire

A FIREFIGHTER described a man who escaped a blaze at his Ilkeston home as an ‘extremely lucky guy’.

Watch manager at Ilkeston station, Rob Mears told the Advertiser it was unbelievable that the man escaped his Eyres Garden mid-terraced home with no injuries.

He said: “When we arrived we were faced with a fully developed fire in an upstairs bedroom.

“The first floor was engulfed in flames, they were coming out of the windows.”

Crews had the fire under control after 30 minutes but were on scene for more than an hour and a half damping down.

Rob added: “The fact the guy woke up is just unbelievable.

“He said he heard crackling sounds and he’s so lucky he did.

“Smoke doesn’t wake people up, in fact it does the opposite and sends them into a deeper sleep sometimes to never wake up, that’s how serious this could have been.”

After an investigation Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service found the cause of the fire to be accidental, caused by smoking materials.

After crews had finished at the scene they carried out a hot strike, knocking on doors near to the property and posting leaflets about fire safety.

Rob said: “We found that a number of houses nearby didn’t have working smoke alarms or a fire escape plan in place.

“Crews offered advice and we fitted as many smoke alarms as we had with us and booked in home fire safety checks with some neighbours.”

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