Noise nuisance from M1 is ‘getting worse’


An Ilkeston resident from Ilkeston has described noise from the M1 as ‘tiresome’ and said that it is ‘getting worse’.

Alan Morley, 64, of Oundle Drive, said that after living in the area for 30 years he has noticed the noise getting louder and louder.

The road is seperated from the motorway by the Erewash Canal, the River Erewash and a railway line.

However Alan said that as soon as he opens his window to get some fresh air all he can hear is the noise from the M1.

He added: “It’s getting louder and louder. It’s a shame that you can’t just go for a walk with it being quiet.

“It gets tiresome, we have a nice patio and when we sit out there to have a glass of wine all we can hear is the motorway.”

Alan said that he feels you cannot get any peace and quiet in the area with the motorway.

He added: “It would be nice to hear water rustling and the birds whistling but you can hear it from everywhere.”

In response to the complaint, a spokesperson for the Highways Agency said that they have no record of any noise problems from the M1 in Ilkeston.

They said: “We are not aware of any issues relating to noise around this particular area.

“We advise people to contact our Highways Agency Information Line with any concerns, so that we are able to investigate and respond accordingly.

“Full details are avaliable on our website,”