Sighting of 'turbine UFO' in Cotmanhay

A woman from Cotmanhay is convinced she saw a UFO on the same night as one was reported to have crashed into a wind turbine.

Janette Jeffrey insists the yellow ball she saw in the sky was not an aircraft and must have been the UFO which made national headlines after supposedly wrecking the generator in Lincolnshire.

Mrs Jeffrey, of Beauvale Drive, said: "I went outside and I saw this yellowy-orange ball in the sky. I got a full view of it, as it went towards Giltbrook. It was high in the sky and it was climbing but there was a lot of mist about. I was there for three or four minutes watching it."

The 62-year-old was in her daughter's garden in Edale Square on the evening of Saturday, January 10, when she spotted the mysterious object.

Newspapers and television sources reported speculation that a UFO hit the turbine. One of the 65ft blades was torn off and another was left twisted and useless. Another woman reported seeing a yellowy-orange ball flying towards the generator and others reported seeing a UFO nearby or having heard a loud noise in the night.

Mrs Jeffrey said: "I bet it was the same one. It's got to have come from somewhere hasn't it?

"There was a plane going in the opposite direction but a lot lower, but they must have seen it."

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