Potholes cause £1m bill

The average car repair bill costs motorists �140 after pothole encounters
The average car repair bill costs motorists �140 after pothole encounters

Motorists in Ilkeston face an annual bill of more than £1 million to fix their cars following run-ins with potholes, new figures have revealed.

Statistics released this week by Halford Autocentres suggest that almost 22,000 of Ilkeston’s motorists have had to fork out for suspension and steering damage, as a result of potholes.

The figures have been revealed as Derbyshire County Council announced extra staff were being sent out to tackle the pothole backlog.

Councillor Dean Collins, Derbyshire county council’s deputy Cabinet member for transport, said: “Fortunately we avoided widespread flooding suffered by areas of the country, but extreme weather did take its toll on our roads.”

He added: “I can assure people we’re doing all we can to repair roads as quickly as possible.

“It’s a massive job but fixing potholes is our number one priority at the moment.”

Jon Tibbut, 39, of Church Street in Cotmanhay told of a pothole encounter on Boweswell Road when visiting a friend. It left him with a bill of more than £150.

“It was a fairly small pothole so I thought nothing of it, but the rattling continued and I needed repairs to my car’s suspension and a new tyre.”

David Kind, manager at Halford Autocentres in Ilkeston explained how road surfaces have deteriorated so there was an increased likelihood of encountering a pothole

“Rain-filled potholes are harder to see and avoid,” said David.

“A small pothole can damage wheels, tyres and shock absorbers on new cars with used cars being more vulnerable.”

He added: “If you hit a pothole it is always worth getting an expert opinion – even if there are no immediate after-effects such as unexplained noises or wheel damage.”