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A investigation has been launched into an ‘incident’ that led to the suspension of teachers from their jobs at Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy, the town’s biggest school.

The ‘Tiser was alerted this week after information was posted online. It has been suggested in some forums that the probe relates to an image that was allegedly posted on a social networking site.

Some staff have now returned to work but parents say they are ‘angry and confused’ after not being told about the suspensions.

They have also had no formal communication from the school about what has only been described as an ‘incident.’

Pupils have not been addressed about what happened, leading to rumours circulating.

A spokesman for the Ormiston Academies Trust declined to speak about specifics but told the Advertiser: “We can confirm that an incident has occurred with some staff members and that those concerned were suspended immediately to allow a full investigation to take place.

“We are unable to give any further information whilst the investigation concludes, but some staff have already returned to work.

“It is not a safeguarding issue.

“That the majority of our school community is fully invested in the academy’s ethos will ensure that we continue the ‘impressive’ improvements that have been made so far.”

But parents have hit out at the lack of information and say they deserve to know what is going on.

One mum, who did not want to be named, told the Advertiser: “It’s ridiculous that teachers could be suspended at our childrens’ school and we do not know anything about it.

“There’s all sorts of rumours on Facebook but it’s no wonder people are taking to the internet because we’ve had literally no information whatsoever about what is happening.

“The pupils haven’t even been told what is happening. On top of everything, our kids’ education is being disrupted. It’s not good enough.”

The mum also said it should be made clear whether the ‘incident’ happened at school or whether pupils were involved.

When the Advertiser went back to Ormiston with the concerns, they responded by saying: “We are not able to clarify any points until the investigation has been concluded, but I can emphasise that this does not involve any students on or off-site.”