Riley is top of class for his short story

Riley Peek, Chaucer Junior School
Riley Peek, Chaucer Junior School

A prize-winning schoolboy posed happily for a celebratory photo after scooping top marks for a short story he penned.

Riley Peek beat off 204 fellow Chaucer Junior School pupils to win pens, pencils and other prizes.

Riley, 11, said: “I wanted to write a story with a bit of a mystery to it.

“I had a bit of an idea but I just went along with what I thought as I was writing it.

“We were told to finish it with a cliffhanger ending so I made mine finish with a big mystery so people would wonder what had happened and what was going to happen.

“I never thought I would win, I really like writing stories though so I was very happy.

“My mum was really proud of me and my friends were pleased for me too.”

Children were asked to write a story less than 500 for the school competition, which was part of a Radio Two contest.

Teachers chose Riley as the winner of the in-house school competition.

Co-headteacher, Jane Mee, said: “The children really enjoyed the competition and we had some very good stories.

“We picked two from each class and then had to narrow it down to a final winner.

“Riley’s was the one picked to get the top prize.”

An extract from Riley’s winning story....

Bang! All I remember is the sound of screaming and the sound of a boat. I looked around and found myself lying on some sand, I sat up. I nearly got blinded by the vivid sunlight and suddenly I heard a screaming coming from the jungle.

I noticed I was wearing a ripped rag with blood stains all over it, just then a tear of blood trickled down my wrinkly face and I wiped it away like rain on a window.

I ran into the jungle to see what the noise was, suddenly I saw a figure on a tree looking at me so I tried to get closer but I stood on a twig and I think it heard me.