Slated ambulance firm went bust, admits boss

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An Ilkeston ambulance service that was slammed in a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has closed.

Eddymed, based in West Hallam, failed in four of five areas following inspections on four dates this year by health bosses.

They found patient records were missing and out-of-date equipment, including sterile dressings.

The report stated: “Staff records showed that appropriate background checks had not always been carried out for all staff.

“The provider did not have appropriate systems in place to ensure care and treatment was planned and delivered in a way that was intended to ensure people’s safety.”

Seven missing patient records included two people with suspected lower leg fractures, two people with suspected dislocations and two people with open head wounds.

A burns treatment kit included a number of sterile dressings with an expiry date of 2006.

Edward Cresswell who set Eddymed up in 2003 in Ilkeston and Devon, said: “I have basically gone bankrupt.

“The CQC report had nothing to do with me going bankrupt - we had a problem with someone who did me over and made us look bad.

“It is a sad shame that we had to go bankrupt but I had no choice.”

Five staff worked for Eddymed in Ilkeston on a self-employed basis