Still no new CCTV a year on

NILALM110913F2 - Queen Elizabeth Way Kirk Hallam
NILALM110913F2 - Queen Elizabeth Way Kirk Hallam

Almost a year after a CCTV review was due to be completed, Kirk Hallam folk are still waiting for an upgrade to their ‘outdated’ cameras.

A crimewave around the Queen Elizabeth Way shops last year led to a petition of 400 signatures calling for the CCTV to be upgraded from analogue to digital – but so far no changes have been made.

A review into CCTV was due to be completed in May last year.

Cllr Michelle Booth has this week accused Erewash Borough Council of ‘dragging its heels’.

Vowing to ‘keep asking questions’ about the issue, she said: “The people who live here are being hoodwinked and spoon-fed excuses that don’t stand up to any test of transparency, democracy or honesty.”

Head of environment and community safety at Erewash, Nick Thurstan, reassured residents that the CCTV in place was operational.

“The police review CCTV footage from both council-owned and business premises as standard practice when investigating crimes committed.

“The outcomes from the CCTV review are being considered at the moment and any recommendations will be reported to the council executive in due course.”

Anti-social behaviour was commonplace around the shops last year and a young man was scarred for life after being attacked with a bottle by a gang of youths in a nearby pub car park.