Store will cause traffic jams

Derby College Ilkeston site. Planned development on New Lawn Road.
Derby College Ilkeston site. Planned development on New Lawn Road.

Apart from the fact we don’t need another supermarket at this end of town, this project with a new roundabout and the demolition of property will increase the traffic on Nottingham Road. This road is gridlocked at rush hour as it is. The students at the Field Road campus only spend a few shillings at the little local shops for a snack at lunch time. These shops would miss the trade.

In regards to building a new college at Pimlico, this site will have very little parking for 200 staff and 800 pupils even if, as rather hopefully suggested, some use public transport. The area of parking for residents will be unavailable and Pimlico car park is for shoppers and people who work in the town.

The statement that it will be good for the town is difficult to understand, there will be parking problems and the small amount spent by pupils will not increase the public purse.

The other fact that appears to have been overlooked is if Bennerley merges with Ilkeston School there will be even more pupils very near to Pimlico – a pick up parking area. The feeling about town is that Ilkeston is run by Long Eaton members who have no real concept of Ilkeston’s needs.

The Albion Leisure Centre has been a white elephant in the town for some time, couldn’t it be used usefully by Morrisons?

Mrs S. Ross

Nesfield Road