‘Surrogacy laws are outdated’

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The MP for Erewash, Jessica Lee, has called for laws surrounding surrogacy to be updated.

Speaking in Parliament Ms Lee, who has worked as a human rights lawyer, said current laws were outdated, limited and, in places, illogical.

Ms Lee told politicians at Westminster that surrogacy is on the increase with 1,000 to 2,000 children born to surrogacy each year.

She said a lack of international framework and ambiguous rules in the UK meant new legislation was needed.

She said: “The rules in this country are so ambiguous that par parents are increasingly turning to other countries..”

She referred to the case of Gammy, a baby born in Thailand with Down syndrome, whose twin went to parents in Australia.

Ms Lee said: “All of those involved need proper advice in the case of all eventualities.

“It is important to establish from birth who the parents are.

“It is often said to me that surrogate mothers may change their mind - this is a common misconception, there only two cases where this has happened, compared to thousands.

She added: “We need to support these women and make the law work for them too.”

She said people would stop going abroad if the structure in the UK was more straight forward, adding there was an increase in same sex couple looking to surrogacy to have children.

She was strongly supported by other MPs.