Tell me more about house


I was visiting Ilkeston last week and enjoying showing my 23-year-old daughter for the first time where I used to live and go to school.

After living abroad for almost 24 years (Austria, Germany Egypt, Turkey) I have now decided to return back to the UK.

It was amazing to see how things have changed suddenly I realised that the bottom of Bath Street does not exist anymore and multi supermarket chains have spread everywhere.

However the most surprise I got was when I showed her my infant school and junior school on Granby Street – to my utter amazement there was still standing the ‘Haunted House’.

I am sure many readers will smile when they read this because it was the spookiest house to pass and we used to dare each other to run in the garden, I mean everyone knew a witch lived there – complete with black cat etc.

It was like going back in time nothing has changed.

Since I am now older (47) and wiser, I would love to know if anyone knows any information about the place.

It is fantastic, the decorative wooden gables outside are magnificent, it even still looks lived in.

If so, if the owners are reading this then I intend no offence about how many children of my age will remember this house the way I do.

When you get older many things you remember as a child seem bigger etc but this place stayed the same,

I could not stop looking at it, no matter where we drove around I could not find anything standing that looked like this.

Does anyone know how old it is or if there is any history attached to it? I would love to know.

On the whole my trip down memory lane was enjoyable and my daughter, who lives in Germany, found it all exciting and rather amusing.

So I definitely will be ‘coming home’ once I have sold my home in Turkey.

In fact I am looking for an old house to do up as I am an interior designer, you never know the ‘Haunted House’ maybe in need of a Home Makeover.

Looking forward to any information you could give me just out of interest because I just cannot get this wonderful place out of my head.

Jacqueline Boehmer (Smith)