‘Tiser readers show support to town soldier

Soldiers preparing to go to Afghanistan.

Soldiers preparing to go to Afghanistan.

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‘Tiser readers have shown their support for a local soldier who was told: “It’s a shame you didn’t get blown up,” as he returned from the front line.

Ilkeston residents have expressed their shame and disgust at the two young men who verbally abused him when he went to buy fast food.

Lauren Kay Butler wrote on Facebook: “Wow. Just want to say that the two pond life, who clearly need to have some respect beaten into them, don’t speak for us all.

“Ilkeston is proud of you and I’d like to say thank you.”

Louise Sisson added: “Disgusting. Perhaps the low life scum should be sent out to serve their country.

“That’s what should be done with all the useless dossers.

“Bring back national service I say.”

But Nichola Colliverdisagreed with sending the two youngsters to fighht for the country saying: “I wouldn’t force the poor soldiers to have to serve along side people like this.

“They get enough grief and upset as it is without being forced to have these wasters putting their lives in danger, people like this need a really nasty job like cleaning out chemical toilets or something like that put them in a job they belong too.

“I just hope this man and others aren’t too disheartened and know the majority of this town do support them.”

The 22-year-old soldier, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, spoke exclusively to the ‘Tiser after returning from his latest stint on the front line in Afghanistan.

Referrring to the incident he said: “I was in shock, people have no idea what it’s like out there and most are supportive but it wasn’t the first time I’ve had comments like that.”

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