Vital donations stolen outside charity stores

The Treetops Hospice charity shop on South Street, Ilkeston
The Treetops Hospice charity shop on South Street, Ilkeston

The theft of vital donations from outside charity shops in Ilkeston has prompted an appeal to drop off clothing and bric-a-brace in-store.

Residents have witnessed people rummaging in bags left outside shops in the town and have taken to social media to complain.

Elaine Hodgson, manager of the Treetops Hospice store on South Street, Ilkeston said that they had experienced thefts of donations from in front of the shop.

“We had one incident where a witness telephoned us after seeing someone run off with our bags early in the morning, so we called the police,” she said.

“It can be assumed that donations left aren’t owned.”

She added: “It canbe difficult for people to donate during working hours, but people can call if they plan to leave donations, so I can make sure I’m in to pick them up.”

Collette Clay, manager of the British Heart Foundation shop on Bath Street said that donations were occasionally left outside but the free pick up service that the shop offers combats the problem.

“These donations are important to us to ensure we’re able to raise money for our causes and help those people in need,” she added.