Warning to illegal drivers

NILABE111004b7, Bath street

NILABE111004b7, Bath street

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Inconsiderate drivers who park illegally in Ilkeston town centre have been told to stop or face a fine.

Erewash Borough Council and Ilkeston police plan to hit out at motorists who ignore the ‘no access’ signs in Bath Street to pull up in front of cash machines, shops and restaurants in the pedestrianised area.

This week they have said that patrols will be out and anyone found to be illegally parked or driving in the restricted area will receive a penalty charge notice of £70.

Sgt John Troup said this is a problem residents tell officers about again and again while out on patrol.

“Not only is it inconsiderate to do this but it also causes problems for pedestrians and vehicles who require legitimate access,” he explained.

There are signs banning drivers from Station Road to the Market Place between 10am and 4pm. Blue badge holders are allowed between Albion Street and East Street.

Cllr Barbara Harrison said: “We provide more than enough car parking facilities around the town centre, some of them free of charge, so there is no excuse at all for this behaviour.”