Who knows the words to old school song?

King George Avenue building
King George Avenue building

Former pupils of ilkeston School are being asked to think back to assemblies and remember the words to an old school song.

Staff and students have been collecting people’s memories of their schooldays to be published in a book that is being written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the academy’s King George Avenue building.

Teacher Kate Le Prevost, who is organising the centenary celebrations with students said: “At the last event we held, there was talk of an old school song but no-one knew all of the words.

“It would be great if anyone could help us with this because we are hoping to sing the song during the centenary celebrations in June.

“The song used to be sung at assemblies and at the end of the school term around the 1960s.”

Work is also underway on a book to mark the milestone occasion.

Kate added: “The book is coming along really well now, we have a lot of anecdotes but we are still looking for more. We have had a great amount of stories and pictures but I am still looking for any stories that are unusual or maybe they are surrounded by mystery or secretive.”