Why was meeting held in Long Eaton?

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I was unable to attend the planning meeting regarding Derby College’s plans to sell their Field Road property and relocate to the site of the old court house.

The meeting was held on Wednesday 17 October at 5.30pm in Long Eaton. We were advised to arrive by 5.15pm in order to be admitted. This proved to be impossible to achieve because of work commitments.

A meeting in Ilkeston would have been more appropriate, since this is a matter of concern for many Ilkeston residents.

I was told that the Town Hall is being refurbished and that all planning meetings are being held in Long Eaton at this time.

I wonder why the college facilities couldn’t have been utilised on this occasion.

I also wonder what any of this has to do with councillors in Long Eaton who seem to be able to vote for or against plans in Ilkeston even though they have no interests here.

I note that Long Eaton has a “Townscape Heritage Initiative” project which seeks to “revitalise Long Eaton’s historic centre”. It is ironic when the town centre of Ilkeston is being treated as if its heritage is of no importance at all.

A Field Road resident