Che Adams transfer to Sheffield United highlights success of Ilkeston FC’s academy

Che Adams
Che Adams
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The inevitable has finally happened. After weeks of being watched by a legion of scouts, Che Adams has signed for Sheffield Utd.

This is a massive move for the youngster and one that he hugely deserves.

When was the last time that someone so young has made such an impact in such a short space of time?

His strength and skill on the ball has been incredible this season, with many a game having a “Che moment”, quite often involving him running half the length of the pitch with the ball and scoring (ask FC Utd).

On Saturday Che was on the bench for his new club, but I’m sure it won’t be long before he makes his full debut. Good luck Che!

So, who is next to shine? Any more on the Academy conveyor belt? In a word, yes. Maybe we have already found our next star. Step forward 18 year-old Ashley Hunter.

Ash has made a handful of appearances already as a sub, but on Saturday he was given his full debut away at Whitby. He didn’t let anyone down and scored twice in our 3-1 win.

Ash is a different sort of player to Che and is arguably more of a natural striker so it’s going to be interesting to see how he develops.

The likes of Tyrell Waite (Notts County), Ryan Wilson (Gateshead) and now Che Adams (Sheffield Utd) are great examples and proof that the academy system at Ilkeston is working and working very well. Long may it continue.