YOUR SAY: Future bright for Ilkeston

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Robins fans give their thoughts on Saturday’s FA Cup clash at Stockport.

Paul Skillington wrote:

“Having witnessed it first hand you start to run out of words to describe the immense talent that is shown regularly from this group of youngsters.

“Saturday confirmed it even more, that this philosophy of “going young” means you can still compete at a higher level.

“For the 90 miniyrd of the game and since returning home, I thought my chest would burst with the pride I feel.

“Well done to everyone at the club for their efforts and a special mention to our travelling support who were immense on the day.

“We are being swamped with praise by our hosts, further cementing our name as the friendly club we have grown to be.”

Saturday’s match report from { |Stockport v Ilkeston FC|Stockport v Ilkeston FC}

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