Ilkeston makeup artist crowned Makeup Artist of the Year in regional awards

Sam Cahill won the title Makeup Artist of the Year at the Midlands Beauty Industry Awards.
Sam Cahill won the title Makeup Artist of the Year at the Midlands Beauty Industry Awards.

After the birth of her second child, Sam was at a crossroads - return to her job or "taking the plunge into self-employment".

Sam Cahill, from Ilkeston has bagged the title of Makeup Artist of the Year 2019 at the Midlands Beauty Industry Awards.

The 29-year-old, mum of two started her business from her dining room table.

Sam said: "After the birth of my second child in June 2017, it started to dawn on me that towards the end of my maternity I was still breastfeeding and needed the flexibility to work around my baby and her needs.

"I was at a crossroads of either returning to the comfort of a job I loved, at Estee Lauder Boots Derby and a constant monthly wage or taking the plunge into self-employment in a role I'd always dreamt of."

A friend encourages Sam to contacted The Princes Trust and she began to work with the charity to formulate a business plan.

Sam said: "I started working from my dining room table. First it was friends, then friends of friends and so on. I am so grateful for the people who came into my little home, had a cuppa and got their makeup done."

After being put in touch with KH Hair Ilkeston owner, Anna, a "beautiful, custom-made" space was created for Sam to rent.

Sam added: "It has given me such an opportunity to grow my business, branding and reputation in the most stunning setting.

"Earlier this year I asked my clients to kindly click a link and vote for me at the 2nd Midlands Beauty Industry Awards in a category which they felt fit best."

Sam gained a finalist position for Makeup Artist of the Year 2019 alongside "some amazing makeup artists", she said: "I was so happy to have my name along side such talented and established makeup artists in the Midlands, I felt I had already won.

"As my name was called out as a finalist for Makeup Artist of the year, I sat proud to be there with no further expectation, I was already so happy.

"When they called out my name as the winner, I felt so elated and overwhelmed.

"I'm a sleep deprived mum who created my own business to work around breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, balancing family life and to give myself a passion to strive for."

Sam has trained with renowned makeup artist Paige, who owns Plouise Makeup Academy in Manchester.

She now offers makeup for all occasions, makeup lessons, makeup artistry lessons, group makeup masters classes and a festival glitter bar.

Sam said: "I love helping people feel their best. It makes me feel so happy to see their smile when they feel good in themselves."