Another snapshot of Ilkeston Mines Rescue workers

editorial image

This week we feature another of Barbara Harrison’s photographs collected from the Ilkeston Mines Rescue.

All of the images were owned by Mrs Harrison’s late father-in-law and then passed on to her late husband.

The pictures show workers through the years at the town’s Mines Rescue base, which was situated near Victoria Park.

Mrs Harrison told the Advertiser: “I don’t really know very much about the photographs.

“I have them all in an album and they are fascinating to look at.

“It’s amazing to think that these men risked so much to go and help miners when they became trapped or were in trouble.

“They really were heroes and when you see the images and hear abbout some of the rescues they helped with it’s unbelievable.

“I’d really like to learn more about any of the pictures and people in them.”

Anyone interested in the photographs can call Mrs Harrison on 0115 9323000.