Council agrees to meet BMX trainer

THE COUNCIL has said it would be happy to meet with a BMX trainer who hit out at them over a lack of facilities for extreme sports fans in Ilkeston.

Richard Camm started a petition two weeks ago after two years of asking the council to build a skate park and bike track without success.

He said: “They’ve got a mobile skate park and bike track but I’ve never seen it used.

“I’ve offered to run sessions on it but they don’t want to know, that’s just sitting there and there’s plenty of kids and young people who would use it.”

After Richard voiced his concerns the Advertiser asked the council about the mobile track.

A spokesman revealed the mobile track was funded by the Erewash Community Safety Partnership and cost £31,300 capital expenditure including BMX bike and ancillary equipment.

But she said because it was paid for externally, initial use of the track was restricted. However the council has now provided additional funding for an increased number of sessions meaning it has attended 108 venues since January 2008,

The spokesman added: “Tim Spencer, our Head of Culture and Leisure, is more than happy to meet with Mr Camm or any other member of the community to discuss delivery of activities and the training of volunteers.”

Richard said: “We now how have at least 100 signatures on the shop petition, everyone who has visited the shop has signed it.

“After the last article in the Advertisier, I had a call from Dave Bramwell from the council asking when we could meet but he has still not arranged a time.”