Eastwood surgeon for 50 years

This is William Scott Smith who practised as a surgeon in the Eastwood area for about 50 years.

The photo belongs to Cyril William Scott Smith who lives in Park Avenue and is the great grandson of the doctor, who he was named after.

The surgeon did the post mortem on a man who was poisoned and killed by his wife Sarah Barber, in a very high profile Eastwood murder.

Following a trial Sarah was going to be hung, but so many people objected, they deported her to Australia instead.

Dr Smith was dearly loved by all who knew him especially by the poor and needy, who he was untiring in his efforts with.

He died aged 74 on November 4 1874.

His grave stone is at Eastwood Church yard where he is buried alongside hsi wife, Sonia Eliza Smith, who died in 1885.

The couple lived near the old doctors surgery in the Church Street.