What's coming up at Derby's Guildhall Theatre

Grisly tales of killers, a comedy show built around a superhero, music from a folk legend and fun for the young - - there's a variety of entertainment coming up this month at Derby's Guildhall Theatre.

Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 9:55 am
Maddy Prior

The UK’s Worst Serial Killers on Wednesday, March 23, is an audio-visual show which includes graphic crime-scene photographs .

Gruesome stories from the late Victorian period up to present day feature in the show with content drawn from retired murder detective Trevor Marriott’s best-selling book, The Evil Within - The World’s Worst Serial Killers.

The show is suitable for 16+.

If you’re in need of a laugh, catch James Wilson-Taylor’s production of Bat-Fan at the Guildhall on March 29.

The caped crusader inspires James’ stand-up, sketches and songs.

He will deploy his superior knowledge and eagerness on the popular superhero character and recap all of the Batman films in the world’s first ‘Batsical’, musical.

This is an opportunity for James to detail how he thinks he is suited to replace Ben Affleck in the upcoming film Batman vs Superman. Do not underestimate his grand awareness on the franchise, nor his talent as James shares his many frustrations with the films, depicting many flaws and issues raised throughout the series through comedy and questionable props.

James brings Bat-Fan to the stage following his previous success as the writer and performer of the award-winning Fringe double-header, comedy I Need A Doctor: The Whosical, which triumphed at last year’s Fringe Festival.

Tickets for Bat-Fan cost £12.25.

The following evening, the Guildhall will host a true music legend - Maddy Prior.

Maddy Prior has built her career on exploring various musical avenues, evident by her latest album 3 For Joy. The album employs various musical elements: violin, viola, recorder and bagpipes and an admirable combination of mature vocals from the experienced Maddy Prior and the youthful voice of Hannah James.

Tickets for Maddy Prior on March 30 are priced at £17.25.

Children are in for a treat when The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio visits Derby on Saturday, March 26.

One of the best loved classics for children comes to life on stage. Crickets, cats, foxes and the world-famous puppet, springs out of the collection of dusty, old, magic books while Patrick Lynch from CBeebies pulls all the strings and turns all the pages to bring you the true story of Pinocchio.

The audience is taken on an epic journey throughout the show, where the real father might be discovered and Pinocchio could finally become a real boy.

Tickets for The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio are priced at £8.

To book tickets for shows at The Guildhall, contact 01332 255800 or visit the website www.derbylive.co.uk