1,045 responses to housing plans

NILABE111012a2, protesting against plans to build 500 homes opsite merlin way industrial estate
NILABE111012a2, protesting against plans to build 500 homes opsite merlin way industrial estate

MORE than 1,000 worried residents answered the council’s consultation on proposals to build 1,200 homes across two sites in Ilkeston, it was revealed this week.

Erewash Borough Council also announced that it is investigating the concerns it has received about the impact the plans for Quarry Hill Road and Ilkeston West could have on traffic, schools, recreation and wildlife.

A spokesman said the authority will now contact all 1,045 residents who responded to the consultation, which ended on October 31 and will publish a report in January next year.

The proposals will be discussed at the full council meeting on January 26 at Ilkeston Town Hall.

Leader of the council Cllr Chris Corbett thanked residents for responding

He said: “The council has a policy, which I fully support, of protecting our valuable and beautiful greenbelt from housing developments.

“However this does mean that we have to look at land like Ilkeston West and west of Quarry Hill, which are not part of the greenbelt.

“The demand for new homes is rising throughout the country as people live longer in their own homes and the make up of families change. Erewash has to provide its share of new homes and our allocation comes out at some 6,000 homes over the next 17 years.”

The council said talks with the two action groups formed against the proposals – The Quarry Hill Action Group and the Say No campaign against the Ilkeston West development – will continue until the end of this year.

“We are committed to meeting the development needs of Ilkeston and Erewash and will continue to work with you to find a suitable solution to meet the housing needs within the Borough,” said Cllr Corbett.

Meanwhile, members of both groups plan to attend the next full council meeting on December 8 armed with petitions and questions for councillors.