£1m-plus set to be spent on Cotmanhay care home experts

Hazelwood Care Home in Cotmanhay, Ilkeston.
Hazelwood Care Home in Cotmanhay, Ilkeston.

More than £1 million is set to be spent by the county council on an architect and cost consultant for the proposed 40-bed care home in Cotmanhay.

The overall cost of the replacement for the current Hazelwood care home, to be built in the new location of Bennerley Avenue, is £15m.

Now Derbyshire County Council is looking to spend £1.2 million on an architect and cost consultant for the scheme.

In February, the county council approved plans to keep Hazelwood Home for Older People in Skeavingtons Lane open until a replacement was built in the surrounding area.

The agreed location for the new home, the last in Ilkeston, is half a mile away at a former school site, close to the Cotmanhay and Ilkeston Adult Community Education Centre.

A new location is being sought due to the cost of essential repairs at the current site – in the region of £3 million, with the total council budget for maintenance at all its 22 homes standing at only £4 million.

In April, the authority stated that architectural services from a design team were “likely” to cost the council more than half a million pounds.

Two contracts have now been put out to hire an architect and cost consultant for the scheme.

The appeal for the companies to compete for the contracts states: “The appointed consultants will support the council in assessing the feasibility of possible alternative proposals.

“It is anticipated that initially the appointed consultants will be required to look at alternative development options for the site and support the council in assessing the feasibility of these.

“The architect and cost consultant will join the client procurement team and play an active part in selection of the construction partner.

“The cost consultant will act as employer’s agent for the development and the architect will be novated.”

The council aims to consult with Hazelwood residents and their relatives in September about the designs, and submit a planning application  for the new care home in October.

It aims to start construction in December 2019 and finish by spring 2021.

Original estimates put repairs to the home in Skeavingtons Lane at almost £1.7m with a further £489,000 in lost income during the two year programme. The authority says that this was found to have grown to £3 million after talks with independent experts.

An independent structural engineer has advised the authority that remedial work could be carried out to ensure the building is safe while alternative options are explored. The work, costing in the region of £50,000, would include bracing the roof and replacing fire alarms and a kitchen extractor.