£2.7 million in council tax being chased

Ilkeston town hall
Ilkeston town hall

More than £450,000 of council tax debts were written off by Erewash Borough Council between April 2013 and March 2014, the ‘Tiser can reveal.

The figures, obtained from a Freedom of Information request submitted to Erewash Borough Council, have revealed that £2.7 million owed from council tax bills is still being pursued by the council from residents across Erewash.

However, the figures do show a slight reduction compared with the £3 million which was being pursued as of March 2013.

The statistics, which incorporate the 16 parishes of Erewash including Ilkeston, also detail that more than £500,000 in council tax charges were written off by the council as of March 2013.

Dave Watson, head of finance at Erewash Borough Council said that the figures compared well with neighbouring local authorities

He said:“The introduction of the local council tax support scheme is likely to have affected those making contributions for the first time.

“It was also expected that the welfare reforms would have an effect on the amount collected in 2013-14.”

He added: “The council is committed to helping, advising and supporting residents who have genuine difficulty with paying their council tax.

“We also take robust action against those who do not pay and place a burden on the community.”

The request confirmed that as of March 24, £1.8 million was still outstanding from council-tax payers.